In this postmodern society Brand challenges include behavioral change and digital tools putting the consumer in the driving seat whilst fighting tooth and nail to reach the millennials, this notoriously choosey generation, housewives, kids and other targets alike to create sharable experiences.

Thus Digital Activations are the fastest growing segment of the market. We totally understand how the intersection of online and offline engagement effects the overall user experience, thus we continue to search out new ways to amplify every marketing campaigns reach digitally; increasing awareness, brand penetration, talkability and ROI.

By combining both physical experience and digital engagement, it would be possible to measure and amplify the total customer interaction.

Sudan Internet Users


Share of Sudan Population: 26.4 % (penetration)
Total Population : 41,175 million
Khartoum Population: 5.185 million (2014)
Country Area: 2,505,810 Sq Km
Share of World Internet Users: 0.3 %


Everything we do on the street basically funnels to the Point-of-Purchase – that’s why it made a lot of sense to us to invest in the design and fabrication of our own Bespoke Digital In-Store Activation solutions to help brands come alive where it counts, in-store at the point-of-purchase.

It is the first 3-7 seconds after a shopper first encounters a product on a store shelf that really matter. It is in these precious few seconds shoppers make up their minds about product selection hence the best chance of converting a browser into a buyer by appealing to their senses, values and emotions. Our Digital Shelf Activation solution with built-in Audio capability and sensor delivers exactly that.

Perfect to:

  • Introduce new/improved products

  • Optimize pricing and guarantee price integrity

  • Point out promotions

  • Sell slow moving products

  • Promote additional services

  • Raise brand awareness

World-leading brands, including P&G, Coca Cola, Kimberly Clark, Unilever and many more use digital in-store activations mechanics as a strategic, near-shelf advertising and merchandising tools.

Your Brand is truly and instantly upgraded to Premium In-Store and outshines competitors.