We strive to deliver brand experiences that engage all the senses: seeing, hearing, scenting, touching and tasting.

Immersive experiences that stay true to brands are the ones we all remember.

As we understand the mindset of the local Sudanese consumer we execute brand activation strategies that engage and influence the target through the 4 points of consumer empowerment:

  • Discover/Consider

  • Engage/Evaluate

  • Try/Experience

  • Activate/Buy

To better serve Brand Owners it was necessary to invest in brand engagement and elevation hardware.

In environments like Sudan, integration, managing complex logistical and back-end issues are massive on-ground challenges, thus in-house hardware gives the added advantage of focusing delivery on higher service levels.

Today we can proudly list in-house hardware to include:

 and we continue to re-invest. That’s why we say ‘We are Sudan’s leading Brand Activation Agency – the Gurus!’