We move people to Brands!

In 2007 we opened our doors as the pioneers of Brand Activations. Today we are a game changing, strategically driven business servicing progressive Brands in Sudan.

A monumental shift in brand experience has caused Brand Activations to rise to the forefront of marketing. Marketers now understand the importance of live engagement and creating brand experiences versus solely relying on mass media communications.

Brand Activation is a new marketing discipline. It’s the art of driving consumer action through brand interaction and experiences. It’s about bringing brands to life via experiences, forming long-term emotional connections and hence creating brand loyalty;

and loyalty is the backbone of strong brands.

In response, we help brands to proactively lead rather than follow their customers by designing and/or executing superior customer journeys that are personalized, contextual and innovative.

Most importantly, we deliver on our promises, creating experiences and events that are effective, on budget and on time.

Our Mission:

  • Re-Ignite Brands

  • Create Talkability/Word of mouth Buzz

  • Educate Consumers

  • Increase Sales

  • Build Loyal Communities

  • Deliver Quantifiable Results